My new 3D printer

I have finally bought myself and my family a brand new 3D printer. It’s a M3D, a micro 3D printer. Here is a link from where i bought it.

Well, i have to say that it was very easy to get it startet and i have printed a couple of prints ( about 15) and i will say that it works good. I have tried both ABS and PLA and have to say that this machine works best with PLA. I got warps when i using ABS on pieces bigger then about 15 layer.. Maybe it is because it is not a heated bed on the machine. But i have a roll with PLA filament at home already and the company sent a little roll with PLA filament to, so that is  not a problem. The funny thing is that we made improvements to the printer since we bought it. Or we have built them in the printer.

Things we have built:


M3d Filament Guide

M3d Filament Guide

Raspberry Pi Camera for 3D Printer

Raspberry Pi Camera for 3D Printer

Customizable spool holder for M3D printer

Customizable spool holder for M3D printer

M3D LED Lighting Mounts and Clips

M3D LED Lighting Mounts and Clips

M3D Raspberry Pi Mount

M3D Raspberry Pi Mount









Customizable spool holder for M3D printer. – Link here to Thingiverse.
Raspberry Pi Camera for 3D Printer. – Link here to Thingiverse.
M3D Raspberry Pi Mount. – Link here to Thingiverse.
M3D LED Lighting Mounts and Clips. – Link here to Thingiverse.
M3d Filament Guide. – Link here to Thingiverse.

Laser Engraver

For a couple of weeks ago my father received a NEJE 500mW laser engraver he ordered from internet. I will say that it is a good quality piece except from one thing. My father put it together, but he wanted me to set it up and make it run correct.

It started well.. Of course was the manual in Chinese or some other language I didn’t understand. But the pictures was good as I understood how I should get it up and running. The machine is driven by a Arduino Nano. It also had some test print files to try. So I did. But when I tried (on a cardboard piece) it was writing nice.. but only with the X axis and the Y axis increasing its values even when the values was negative. Strange behavior.

When the laser engraver write wrong

When the laser engraver write wrong

I tried to update the software of the Arduino Nano with the latest software of Grbl v.0.9j. Then I started the device up again. The same behavior appeared. So I then understood that it has to be some error on the hardware. I was shutting down the device and disconnected all the wires and connectors. I then started to see if it was some shortcuts or other errors on it. I did find a shortcut on the pcb. So then I repaired the pcb by cutting 2 tracks and then rewired them with cables. It didn’t look beautiful but it works. I also cut the two legs of the Arduino Nano. Pin D5 and D6, that is the signals for the PCB in what direction the X-axis and the Y-axis is triggered.

I started it up again an now all works perfect. So did some test engravings and after that I send it back to my father.

3D printer.. continue…

Well, it worked good on my small parts yesterday. Tonight i put a bigger job on for my daughters and i got strange raising effects on the plastics.. I don’t know how to fix it, that’s for sure. I will have to rethink and search the internet to see if i find any solution. Here is the result. Anyone how has a solution to the problem?20150324_093309 20150324_093255

The 3D printer…. Episode 324 (i think)

20150323_214041Well.. Now things have happend again with the 3D printer.. we had to tweak the printer a lot. I have bought kapton-tape and i have tried ABS-glue and i have tried nothing at all. I had tried different kind of material as PLA and ABS and have noticed that 2 different ABS filament is acting totally different… I have made a lot of prints and most of them has been bad. Well after we added a couple of fans and the made a better extruder with some changed components it’s on the right way, but we are not there yet. I also made some small tweaks as a screw to change the z-axis level and also my heating bed is put together with a screw and a springs on to a bigger bolt thats special made for me. I have also changed my power supply to a switched 30A power supply.


The 3D printer breaktrough continue


Here you can see how it slowly got from just a blob to the done piece. Well its a lot of adjustment left but we are on the right lane for now.

The 3D printer breaktrough

Hello world.
Today something wonderful has happend. Our first print object was perfect generated after some modifications on the extruder pipe. Also added a fan on the middle on the extruder pipe. I will upload some images tomorrow.
When we should have writed our next object we got problem and everything got jammed. So we have to fix that tomorrow. Good night everyone.

Now things have happends

Hello everyone!

Long time, no see!

Now we have come to almost the end of the 3D printer project. We have had some problems on the way. The Mega boards ”volt regulator” got burned so i had to make some modifications to my Ramps 1.4 board and give it 5v from my power supply. It works very good now. Later on the printer worked on all axis until one day when nothing works on the Z axis. The other axis works great. I understood that i have to split up the Z-axis 2 stepper motors from one A4988 stepper motor driver to two A4988 stepper motor driver in paralell. We will see if it works!

PHP: Vad är en klass och vad kan den användas till?

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Jag får många frågor av mina vänner som programmerer hur man kan förenkla sin kod (eller spaghettikod som många säger). En bra början för detta är att använda sig av klasser för sådana funktioner man använder ofta som ex. DATABAS, GET/POST, SESSIONS, FORMS o.s.v. Den gemensamma nämnaren är att man ofta får göra mycket ”kod” för att åstadkomma resultatet och att koden ofta är identisk på många ställen. Dessutom så behöver man bara göra eventuella ändringar på ett ställe, vilket sparar mycket tid.

Jag ska visa hur man kan tänka med ett enkelt exempel. När man jobbar med att ta emot data (GET/POST) är man sårbar. Man vill ofta försöka ta bort alla eventuella intrusion försök samtidigt som man vill att data skall komma fram. Så hur gör man då?

Jag har här byggt en enkel klass för att hantera GET/POST funktionerna. Dock har vi ingen säkerhet inbyggt här än, men genom att anropa denna klass varje gång man skall göra ett anrop mot GET/POST så sparar man mycket jobb. När man sedan bygger ut så gör man det enbart i klassen och inte i php-filen som gör anropen. Så vi fortsätter så här

Vi måste alltså först ladda klassen för att sedan anropa den innan vi kan hämta värdet. Men har man väl laddat den så behöver man inte ladda den igen. Säg nu att vi vet att vi ska hämta ett tal. Id brukar för det mesta vara ett heltal. Då måste vi göra några ändringar i våra skript. Ändring ett är i vår vanliga php-kod där vi gör anropet ifrån. Där lägger vi in en andra variabel där vi anger ”int” (= förkortning för heltal på engelska). I våran klass måste vi sedan anpassa de 2 funktionerna så de ”förstår” vad ”int” innebär. Koden blir då såhär:

Nu skall vi få ett heltal tillbaka när vi anropar klassen. Som ni ser i klassfilen gör jag ett anrop till en ny funktion som heter INT. Det gör jag genom $this->int($värde) där $this-> är en förklaring för klassen att det är ett anrop internt i klassen. Vi får tillbaka heltalet som vi sedan skickar tillbaka. Vi kan sedan bygga ut klassen med ytterligare funktioner och kontroller som t.ex om det är en giltig epostadress eller en godkänd länk o.s.v.

Jag kommer att ta upp säkerheten och vidareutvecklingen av denna klass i en senare artikel. Lycka till!

VIKTIGT! Jag vill vara tydlig med att belysa att denna kod inte anger sig för att vara säker på något vis utan bara i enkla drag visar hur man kan använda klasser till att förenkla sin kod.

My first ordered Pcbs has arrived

wpid-20140325_222414.jpgHere is the pcbs i ordered on march 7th. It took 18 days. That is not so bad. And the result look fantastic. Now i will solder one of the three i recived.

My new uv-box

wpid-20140324_202534.jpgI have been used a big lamp standing on a not so good construction a couple of years now. Well it works, but do not look fancy. I have made a lot of PCB:s with that lamp. But now i have waited long enough. After i have bought the uv-leds on strip from ebay, paying about $10 for 5 meters. I had also made the electronics for the box a long time ago, where i use a Picaxe chip named 08M2. Yesterday i bought a wooden box from a local store to use for my construction. I went up to the local picture frame shop and they cuts 2 pieces of glass-plates for me that fits perfect in the box. I also mounted 2 wooden support for the glass on each short end. Then i saw out a piece that fits between the short ends and on that i mounted and soldered my leds. I will say that the light was just perfect wideness and blur. Next part is to put the electronics in and to make my first PCB with it.