The 3D printer…. Episode 324 (i think)

20150323_214041Well.. Now things have happend again with the 3D printer.. we had to tweak the printer a lot. I have bought kapton-tape and i have tried ABS-glue and i have tried nothing at all. I had tried different kind of material as PLA and ABS and have noticed that 2 different ABS filament is acting totally different… I have made a lot of prints and most of them has been bad. Well after we added a couple of fans and the made a better extruder with some changed components it’s on the right way, but we are not there yet. I also made some small tweaks as a screw to change the z-axis level and also my heating bed is put together with a screw and a springs on to a bigger bolt thats special made for me. I have also changed my power supply to a switched 30A power supply.