My new 3D printer

I have finally bought myself and my family a brand new 3D printer. It’s a M3D, a micro 3D printer. Here is a link from where i bought it. Well, i have to say that it was very easy to get it startet and i have printed a couple of prints ( about 15) and […]
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3D printer.. continue…

Well, it worked good on my small parts yesterday. Tonight i put a bigger job on for my daughters and i got strange raising effects on the plastics.. I don’t know how to fix it, that’s for sure. I will have to rethink and search the internet to see if i find any solution. Here […]
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The 3D printer…. Episode 324 (i think)

Well.. Now things have happend again with the 3D printer.. we had to tweak the printer a lot. I have bought kapton-tape and i have tried ABS-glue and i have tried nothing at all. I had tried different kind of material as PLA and ABS and have noticed that 2 different ABS filament is acting […]
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The 3D printer breaktrough continue

Here you can see how it slowly got from just a blob to the done piece. Well its a lot of adjustment left but we are on the right lane for now.
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The 3D printer breaktrough

Hello world. Today something wonderful has happend. Our first print object was perfect generated after some modifications on the extruder pipe. Also added a fan on the middle on the extruder pipe. I will upload some images tomorrow. When we should have writed our next object we got problem and everything got jammed. So we […]
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Now things have happends

Hello everyone! Long time, no see! Now we have come to almost the end of the 3D printer project. We have had some problems on the way. The Mega boards ”volt regulator” got burned so i had to make some modifications to my Ramps 1.4 board and give it 5v from my power supply. It […]
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PHP: Vad är en klass och vad kan den användas till?

Jag får många frågor av mina vänner som programmerer hur man kan förenkla sin kod (eller spaghettikod som många säger). En bra början för detta är att använda sig av klasser för sådana funktioner man använder ofta som ex. DATABAS, GET/POST, SESSIONS, FORMS o.s.v. Den gemensamma nämnaren är att man ofta får göra mycket ”kod” […]
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I2c and the Raspberry Pi

Now i have succeded with communication between the Pi and the Attinys as I2C slaves. Here is the result: For live demo go to this page URL:http://mrslade.dyndns.org:8083/test.php
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My first Standalone Arduino

I made a temperature logger  a long time ago. It was build on my very first Arduino Uno board. I got three of them now. 😉 The thing is, that it just running and nothing have changed with the source code since almost the first day i made it. So i decided to fix it […]
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My own AVR programmer shield

After made my own programmer with my Arduino Uno as a ISP and a breadbord with a couple of wires, i made something good yesterday. I made one on a  experiment circuit board. With the possibility to program both Atmega168/328 and Attiny 13/25/45/85. Well, it’s not looking so fancy, but it works, and isn’t that […]
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