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My first ordered Pcbs has arrived

Here is the pcbs i ordered on march 7th. It took 18 days. That is not so bad. And the result look fantastic. Now i will solder one of the three i recived.
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I2c and the Raspberry Pi

Now i have succeded with communication between the Pi and the Attinys as I2C slaves. Here is the result: For live demo go to this page URL:http://mrslade.dyndns.org:8083/test.php
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My own AVR programmer shield

After made my own programmer with my Arduino Uno as a ISP and a breadbord with a couple of wires, i made something good yesterday. I made one on a ¬†experiment circuit board. With the possibility to program both Atmega168/328 and Attiny 13/25/45/85. Well, it’s not looking so fancy, but it works, and isn’t that […]
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I2C on a Attiny85 / Attiny45 / Attiny25

I have made it. Finally i get it to work. I communicate with an attiny85 (will work with 45/25 too i think CONFIRMED!). The SSR i had to my previous lab with an Arduino as a ”webserver” that was also controlling my SSR with a simple toogle button has now become a single Attiny85 controlled […]
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