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Laser Engraver

For a couple of weeks ago my father received a NEJE 500mW laser engraver he ordered from internet. I will say that it is a good quality piece except from one thing. My father put it together, but he wanted me to set it up and make it run correct. It started well.. Of course […]
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3D printer.. continue…

Well, it worked good on my small parts yesterday. Tonight i put a bigger job on for my daughters and i got strange raising effects on the plastics.. I don’t know how to fix it, that’s for sure. I will have to rethink and search the internet to see if i find any solution. Here […]
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Now things have happends

Hello everyone! Long time, no see! Now we have come to almost the end of the 3D printer project. We have had some problems on the way. The Mega boards ”volt regulator” got burned so i had to make some modifications to my Ramps 1.4 board and give it 5v from my power supply. It […]
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My new uv-box

I have been used a big lamp standing on a not so good construction a couple of years now. Well it works, but do not look fancy. I have made a lot of PCB:s with that lamp. But now i have waited long enough. After i have bought the uv-leds on strip from ebay, paying about […]
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Nothing is impossible or how i uploaded a sketch to my Atmega328-PU (non-P version)

I tried a while to upload the sketch blink to my Atmega328-PU without success. I checked internet for solutions and trust me, i have tested them all. But no success, until i found this one. It’s not as simple like to use the Arduino IDE but it works with sketches made in the Arduino IDE, […]
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Measure my electricity consumption

One part of the HAS (Home Automation System) is to measure my electric consumption. To do this i have to read an light pulse from my unit. So i made one simple reader with photo resistor and a single resistor on 1kΩ connected to my Arduino. Well, it was not so successful because the fast […]
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