My first Standalone Arduino


wpid-wp-1394678391482.jpgI made a temperature logger  a long time ago. It was build on my very first Arduino Uno board. I got three of them now. 😉
The thing is, that it just running and nothing have changed with the source code since almost the first day i made it. So i decided to fix it as an own standalone Arduino. I putted together the necessary stuff like crystal and two capacitors and programmed the chip (that is an Atmega328-PU the non-p version) and it is a success. I also changed the network shield to one based on ENC28J60 instead for the original ”Ethernet shield” from Arduino. I do have one problem. I didn’t have any voltage converter at home, so i have to order it. The network module need 3.3V. I do tried to make a own version with two resistors, but was unsuccessful. I don’t want to burn the module. So until the receive i will still have it running on my Arduino as a voltage host.

You can see the result of the data here (in swedish):

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