Laser Engraver

For a couple of weeks ago my father received a NEJE 500mW laser engraver he ordered from internet. I will say that it is a good quality piece except from one thing. My father put it together, but he wanted me to set it up and make it run correct.

It started well.. Of course was the manual in Chinese or some other language I didn’t understand. But the pictures was good as I understood how I should get it up and running. The machine is driven by a Arduino Nano. It also had some test print files to try. So I did. But when I tried (on a cardboard piece) it was writing nice.. but only with the X axis and the Y axis increasing its values even when the values was negative. Strange behavior.

When the laser engraver write wrong

When the laser engraver write wrong

I tried to update the software of the Arduino Nano with the latest software of Grbl v.0.9j. Then I started the device up again. The same behavior appeared. So I then understood that it has to be some error on the hardware. I was shutting down the device and disconnected all the wires and connectors. I then started to see if it was some shortcuts or other errors on it. I did find a shortcut on the pcb. So then I repaired the pcb by cutting 2 tracks and then rewired them with cables. It didn’t look beautiful but it works. I also cut the two legs of the Arduino Nano. Pin D5 and D6, that is the signals for the PCB in what direction the X-axis and the Y-axis is triggered.

I started it up again an now all works perfect. So did some test engravings and after that I send it back to my father.

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