My new uv-box

wpid-20140324_202534.jpgI have been used a big lamp standing on a not so good construction a couple of years now. Well it works, but do not look fancy. I have made a lot of PCB:s with that lamp. But now i have waited long enough. After i have bought the uv-leds on strip from ebay, paying about $10 for 5 meters. I had also made the electronics for the box a long time ago, where i use a Picaxe chip named 08M2. Yesterday i bought a wooden box from a local store to use for my construction. I went up to the local picture frame shop and they cuts 2 pieces of glass-plates for me that fits perfect in the box. I also mounted 2 wooden support for the glass on each short end. Then i saw out a piece that fits between the short ends and on that i mounted and soldered my leds. I will say that the light was just perfect wideness and blur. Next part is to put the electronics in and to make my first PCB with it.


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